Tag: verification

by Sandra Ordonez

As journalists, the need to improve our digital hygiene is self-evident. However, many of us are new to digital security, which can be overwhelming and filled with complicated security concepts and unknown acronyms. This article is a basic introduction to some concepts security-conscious journalists might want to consider when assessing their security practices.  I’ll update […] more »

by Erik Hersman

There’s a problem that constantly plagues us in this day of information overload, and that is the ability to sift the stream of incoming information into the bits that are valuable from those that aren’t. It’s a tough issue that we’ve been working on at Ushahidi for a while now. Our solution is called SwiftRiver. […] more »

by Heather Ford

During the aftermath of the Chilean earthquake last year, the Ushahidi-Chile team received two reports — one through the platform, the other via Twitter — that indicated an English-speaking foreigner was trapped under a building in Santiago. “Please send help,” the report read. “i am buried under rubble in my home at Lautaro 1712 Estación […] more »