Tag: values

by John Clark

What is value anyway? We throw the word around so often that we forget what it really is about. Or worse, we assume what the media does is automatically valuable because we believe in it so fervently. Journalism is valuable and necessary to our communities and society but not everyone finds it personally valuable. Value […] more »

by Dan Schultz

If you were a professional journalist and I asked you, “what does mainstream media provide that the crowd can’t?” I have some guesses about what I might hear in your answer: It’s more credible, more comprehensive, fact-checked, less biased, professionally composed, more knowledgeable, presented in the larger context, and more reliable, to name a few. […] more »

by Gabriel Berrios

Versión en español abajo What is it that journalism needs? That the people can put their trust in it; many years have gone by since journalism was invented to communicate in a better way among those living in a common place, whether it be a neighborhood, town, city, country, or world. Furthermore it must be […] more »