Tag: text message

by Sean McDonald

If some projections are correct, the world is only a year or so from a major milestone: some time in 2012, there will be one active mobile phone connection for every person on the planet. The question is no longer whether mobile phones will transform, well, everything, but how. At FrontlineSMS we’ve worked with our […] more »

by Melissa Ulbricht

If a large truck illegally barrels through a neighborhood and no reporters are around to see it, does it make the news? It does if local residents with mobile phones can text truck sightings to a local public radio station. This is the premise behind a new pilot project called Sourcing Through Texting from a […] more »

by Paul Lamb

One of the more interesting and practical uses of Twitter (a mobile phone text message service that allows you to connect with other users) is instant updates during emergency situations. Right now at this moment, as fires rage across southern California, you can get up to the moment information on the latest both from individuals […] more »