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by Erica Honeycutt

I recently wrote a grant proposal for the INNovation Fund at the Institute for Nonprofit News requesting funding for a membership program for the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, a digital publication focused on juvenile justice and child welfare issues. The odds of winning a challenge grant are always slim. So, let’s be honest, winning is […] more »

by Josh Stearns

This post originally appeared on the Local News Lab. When you see something working for one news organization, it is tempting to want to replicate that in your own newsroom. But if you duplicate a model wholesale you risk trying something that is not a fit for your organization or your community. There has been […] more »

by Jake Batsell

The byproducts of journalism rarely have value to anyone besides the reporters who gather and assemble the information. (Exhibit A: The troves of spiral notebooks, manila folders and microcassettes left over from my newspaper days, still gathering dust in my garage.) But more news organizations are discovering that cleaned-up, searchable databases have extra value beyond […] more »

by Jake Batsell

SAN DIEGO –– Online banner ads only have so many pixels. On news sites, small digital squares and rectangles tend to work best for advertisers proclaiming a concise message, like “click here for an insurance quote” or “browse our summer clothes catalog.” In Southern California, non-profit organizations wanting to reach the Voice of San Diego’s […] more »

by Talia Stroud

Editor’s Note: Last week, The Texas Tribune unveiled TribTalk, described by Tribune editor Emily Ramshaw as “an op-ed page for the 21st century.” The Tribune intends to use its sister op-ed site as a mini-laboratory to experiment with new digital initiatives. In that spirit, the Tribune partnered with the Engaging News Project at the University […] more »

by Jake Batsell

MINNEAPOLIS — The downtown State Theatre boomed with laughter, applause and satire-drenched showtunes on the last Friday in April during MinnRoast, the annual revue where the state’s politicians and journalists “gently skewer” one another to raise money for the non-profit news site MinnPost. When your biggest fundraiser of the year is a comedic romp, it […] more »

by Anika Anand

Why study your audience? Simply put, without audiences there would be no media. In other words, a news outlet can’t exist without an audience. A few weeks ago, I read a blog post written by Texas Tribune fellows Jake Batsell and Tim Griggs about how they’re studying the Tribune’s audience. In my still-evolving job description […] more »

by Jake Batsell

Non-profit newsrooms have a new opportunity to boost their business capacity through the $1 million INNovation Fund, a partnership between the Knight Foundation and Investigative News Network. Beginning Feb. 1, non-profit and public news outlets can apply for entrepreneurial micro-grants worth up to $35,000. Before you hit the send button on that application, though, pay […] more »

by Jake Batsell

Editor’s note: This is the next installment of “Brass Tacks,” an occasional series on NewsBiz focusing on pragmatic advice for selected best practices in the business of digital news. Membership drives for non-profit media have evolved far beyond volunteers taking pledges over rotary phones. Today’s leading non-profit news outlets operate as mission-driven businesses fueled by […] more »

by Jake Batsell

Perhaps you’ve heard this narrative before: A statewide non-profit news startup builds a loyal audience of political insiders and policy wonks, then boosts revenue by selling sponsors access to that audience — both online and in person. It’s a formula that has worked for The Texas Tribune. And in New Jersey, NJ Spotlight is following […] more »