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by David Cohn

One of the biggest complaints about online advertising is that we’ve exchanged print dollars for digital dimes. One response has been: Well you better start stacking dimes. The dollar-to-dime problem is at the heart of journalism’s existential woes. I suspect if money were rolling in like it used to, the question of “who IS a […] more »

by Tony Shawcross

In 2008, the Open Media Foundation (then Deproduction) received a $380,000 Knight News Challenge award, and it was a major turning-point for our organization. We added staff, formed new partnerships, and maintained a level of growth that had us approximately double in size each year over our first five years after forming in 2004. The […] more »

by Tony Shawcross

For most of us, it’s clear that there are a few social costs that we can’t rely on the market to cover. Most of us, for example, want to ensure that a child born into poverty has access to a good education, even though that child and his/her family could not afford to pay for […] more »

by Jessica Mayberry

When we and our NGO partners initiate community members—young men and women from the slums and villages of India—into their new full-time jobs as ‘Community Video Producers,’ we often start the training sessions by drawing a triangle on the board. ‘This pyramid,’ the Video Trainer says, ‘represents the global media.’ The Producers then divide up […] more »

by Tony Shawcross

Goal 1: Staffing. Our first goal for the Deproduction / Denver Open Media project was to establish the development team. In June, we hired long-time contractor Brian Hiatt, as well as his partner/designer Sharee Dierringer, merging their Drupal development shop, Civic Pixel, into the Deproduction Family. We also posted our Developer Job Opening and with […] more »

by Jay Rosen

Ever wondered: where’s the time going to come from for all these nifty open source ventures people are planning? Clay Shirky says we got plenty. He just gave an extremely useful and imaginative speech to Web heads about where we are in media time. Shirky, who teaches in a different program at NYU, has a […] more »