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by Brad Flora

Want to learn more about the gamification of news that Chris O’Brien wrote about here last week? I did, so I spent the last few days digging into the web for videos and talks about taking game mechanics outside of what we typically think of as “games.” Sure there’s tremendous potential for news organizations that […] more »

by Martin Moore

What’s the future of news? I’m tempted to say “not very much” since no one really knows too much about the future of news right now. You know this is true because senior news folk have given up on the doom and gloom stuff and are starting to talk about “the golden age of journalism” […] more »

by Jessica Mayberry

I just returned from TED India, where I was one of the 100 TED Fellows invited to attend the event. My head is spinning with all the new ideas and my pockets are heavy with business cards. This was undoubtedly the best networking event I’ve been to. The people on stage were only marginally more […] more »