Tag: techcrunch

by Ian Bogost

Earlier this month a group of journalists, game designers, and academics gathered at the University of Minnesota for a workshop on newsgames. I was there, as was fellow Knight News Challenge winner and San Jose Mercury News tech business writer Chris O’Brien. After the event, Chris wrote a recap of the meeting here on Idea […] more »

by Chris O'Brien

Over the weekend, TechCruch’s confessed “old media snob” Paul Carr posted an interesting response to my call for more newsgames. In the post, Mr. Carr was quite complimentary to my overall reasoning, but differed in one fundamental respect: Maybe I’m getting old. Certainly I’m an old media journalism snob. But the fact is, when faced […] more »

by Scott Rosenberg

Our public beta of MediaBugs.org has been open for about three weeks now. We’re still tinkering with our interface, coping with problems at our Internet service provider, and working on plans to increase participation. But we’ve already got some fascinating results from our experiment. Here’s what I think is the most interesting one so far: […] more »

by Chris O'Brien

Why will people spend $1 to send you a virtual beer on Facebook, but not to read a news story online? On the surface, it defies logic. I think most people would agree that whatever economic value news and information has, it’s greater than a virtual piece of clothing, or something that gives your avatar […] more »