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by Anne Wootton

This post was co-written by Bailey Smith, co-creator of Pop Up Archive, with help from Jake Shapiro, CEO of Public Radio Exchange. We believe that archiving can be so easy it doesn’t even feel like archiving — and that an entire new generation of meaningful content is waiting to be created, unlocked from the archive […] more »

by Miguel Paz

Citizen heroes who are recognized by their fellow citizens in Juárez City; how people from Panama fight corruption and denounce violence and crime; what we’re building in Chile to show you who’s who among the elite and their possible conflicts of interest — all of these are part of the Latin American experience you’ll be […] more »

by Nathaniel James

Going over my notes from the South by Southwest Interactive Festival, the panel that was definitely the most valuable to my work on the Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership was Hacking the News: Applying Computer Science to Journalism. What we’re doing The Knight-Mozilla Partnership will be embedding 15 techie fellows within news organizations for a year […] more »

by Tony Shawcross

Ten members of the Deproduction team traveled to Austin this month to implement the Open Media tools at the second of 6 Beta sites, ChannelAustin. We traveled down in two RV’s and scheduled the visit to coincide with SXSW, where we hosted a core conversation as part of the interactive festival. Austin is the first […] more »