Tag: subsidies

by Martin Moore

This week Orkney Today announced it was closing. The paper, which served the small islands of Orkney just off the Scottish coast, was — like countless other local papers — battling against declining circulation and disappearing ad revenues. “Orkney Media Group management and the newspaper’s excellent staff have tried a number of initiatives to reverse […] more »

by Amanda Atwood

We recently applied to present Freedom Fone: Dial-up Information Service at an upcoming ICT for Development workshop. Our application was eventually accepted, but not before concerns were raised that Freedom Fone might be on its way to becoming a for-profit entity, which would be inconsistent with the conference sponsors’ objectives. This was an ironic obstacle […] more »

by Martin Moore

Most people would now acknowledge that there are serious structural issues facing regional and local news in Britain just like in the US. The UK’s main commercial broadcaster (ITV) says it’s too expensive and it will stop providing it unless the government makes it worthwhile (see Michael Grade’s piece in the Telegraph). Local newspaper circulations […] more »