Tag: state department

by Erica Malouf

During a recent visit to IIP’s OIE, we talked of Agile at ODDI, GitHub, PAOs, and … did I lose you yet? When I moved to DC from the West Coast, I initially found the government agencies in the area to be a massive tangle of alienating acronyms. But in all fairness, it’s no different […] more »

by Jonathan Stray

Reporting on an incident where private security contractors fired at civilians in Iraq is one thing, but reporting on all such incidents is something else entirely. That’s the situation we were faced with when, in reporting on the role of private security firms in Iraq, we wanted to analyze 4,500 pages of recently declassified material […] more »

by David Sasaki

How to piss off the subjects of your research study Everyone who had the opportunity to do so pointed out that we were just a few blocks from one of Beirut’s Hezbollah-controlled neighborhoods. But we were also just a couple blocks from a Starbucks, snuggled comfortably in a new shopping center with more security guards […] more »