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by Rachael Meleney

I think that I can speak for all eight of Reese News Lab’s summer startup interns when I say that we were constantly confronted with truths in the first week of our summer project: the exhilarating/terrifying/sobering truths of being an entrepreneur. Our first week at Reese News Lab was a continuous exercise in brain-expansion as […] more »

by Zach C. Cohen

NEW YORK — Joe Verdirame has a background at J.P. Morgan and funding startups. Now he hopes to reshape funding for independent video journalism. Verdirame, 39, is the founder of Vourno, a new publishing platform to help crowdfund video journalism. The site launched on May 20 and is largely a blank slate. So far there […] more »

by Adriano Farano

One of our bold beliefs here at Watchup has always been to iterate fast over users’ feedback. Watchup is a Stanford startup, incubated at StartX, the Stanford startup accelerator, and as such we always try to apply the design thinking principles to our work. The latest version 1.4 of your favorite news video iPad app […] more »

by David Cohn

A version of this post first appeared here. It is yet another Carnival of Journalism (our one-year anniversary). The Carnival is a network of bloggers I reinvigorated who all write a response to a different question every month. This month’s question comes from Michael Rosenblum: “Can a good journalist also be a good capitalist?“ A […] more »

by Ryan Sholin

In 2008, I was awarded a Knight News Challenge grant to build ReportingOn, a back channel for beat reporters to share ideas, information, and sources. The goal of the project was to provide journalists of all stripes with a place to talk about content — not craft, or process, or skillset. I taught myself enough […] more »

by Nonny de la Peña

Like birds, most fish have something to say, especially when it comes to mating calls. You can read it about in a piece I wrote a couple of years ago for the New York Times’ Science Times. But what does a talking fish sound like? Look like? In fact, it was exactly those questions that […] more »

by David Ardia

I am delighted to announce the public launch of the Berkman Center’s Online Media Legal Network (OMLN), a new pro bono initiative that connects lawyers and law school clinics from across the country with online journalists and digital media creators who need legal help. Lawyers participating in OMLN will provide qualifying online publishers with pro […] more »

by Amanda Hickman

A few months ago (three, to be precise), I quietly announced that I’d be leaving Gotham Gazette for parts unknown. I wasn’t making that up about “parts unknown,” but my announcement did get a few conversations started. The most interesting one turned out to be with Eric, Aron and Scott, who persuaded me to join […] more »

by David Cohn

Whenever people ask me about the process of building a website, here’s how I explain their choices: “There is good, fast and cheap — you get to pick two.” Spot.Us has quietly started development again. I’ll be putting up sketches of a much needed re-design on the Spot.Us blog soon, but you can see a […] more »

by Dan Gillmor

True/Slant’s hybrid model (reporters find their own advertising sponsors) will save journalism! Or not. The Huffington Post is creating tomorrow’s business model for journalism! Or not… Northwestern University’s “computer nerds” will save journalism! Really? Ultra-cheap netbooks could save the media industry! Umm… Journalism Online LLC will save newspapers (!) by helping them charge for what […] more »