Tag: spending data

by Neil Ashton

Spending Stories, which officially launched Thursday, is a new way to put spending figures in their proper perspective. Developed by the Open Knowledge Foundation and Journalism++ with funding from the Knight Foundation, Spending Stories is an app that helps citizens and journalists understand and compare monetary amounts in stories from the news. When we hear […] more »

by Lucy Chambers

The Spending Stories team [mentioned earlier in the year](http://mediashift.org/idealab/2013/03/spending-stories-open-spending-are-moving-beyond-visualizations059.html) that we were looking into ways of helping journalists negotiate tricky financial topics. We’re pleased to announce our first pilot “[data expedition](http://blog.okfn.org/2012/11/14/data-expeditions-at-mozfest/)” on the topic of tax evasion and avoidance. It aims to help reporters negotiate the key decisions made when writing on this highly contentious […] more »

by Lisa Evans

History is littered with awards and accolades for those tenacious journalists who have dutifully discovered money that was spent on something it shouldn’t have been. Evidence of spending is often the ultimate proof of wrongdoing. These stories have ranged from presidential campaigns spending money on surveillance to Members of Parliament dipping into the public purse […] more »