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by J. Nathan Matias

During my work on Social Mirror, tablet tech for social checkups, I have been inspired by other amazing Media Lab social technologies. Here are 12 of the projects which I have found most inspiring, including one or two from other universities. Did I miss a project you love? Post your favorites in the comments. Social […] more »

by Matt Stempeck

A longer version of this post first appeared on the MIT Center for Civic Media’s blog. A recent lunch at the Center for Civic Media and MIT Media Lab featured a graduate of the program, Leo Bonanni, and his beloved SourceMap project. He channeled professor Hiroshi Ishii’s description of the ideal Media Lab project being […] more »

by Andrew Whitacre

This post was authored by Matthew Hockenberry, who co-created Sourcemap as a visiting scientist with the MIT Center for Civic Media. Sourcemap Knowing where things come from is a fundamental part of humanity. Things are very different when they come from different places. The provenance of a work tells us the importance of not only […] more »

by Christopher Csikszentmihályi

As we wind the way toward the end of our four year grant, I thought it would be nice to describe some of what we’ve learned at MIT’s Center for Future Civic Media (C4). In the coming weeks, I will call on a few of our researchers to offer similar blog reflections on our unique […] more »

by Andrew Whitacre

Yesterday colleagues of mine at MIT were brainstorming plenaries for an upcoming media conference. Data visualization came up, but each of us grumbled. “Overdone,” one of us said, to nodding heads. We’d done a session on that at every one of our conferences and forums, as had others at theirs. Data visualization had become tragically […] more »