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by Hrisanthi Kroi

We realized early on that if we were going to even have a shot at winning the first Pearl Hacks hackathon, we had to do what we knew how to do best: tell a story. Casey Miller, Annie Daniels, Josie Hollingsworth, Caroline Pete and I had no plan when we came together for Pearl Hacks, […] more »

by Nicola Hughes

As part of the Knight News Challenge entry, we at ScraperWiki said we would roll out Journalism Data Camps across the U.S. We had done what we called “Hacks and Hackers Hack Day“ events across the U.K. and Ireland, bringing journalists and coders together. This happened at the same time as HacksHackers in the U.S. […] more »

by Nicola Hughes

The best journalism comes from digging. Not phoning up press officers but speaking with those in the know. Not seeking comments from experts but going out onto the streets. The real stories, the scoops and the breakthroughs don’t come prepackaged. So why limit data-driven journalism to the relatively few sources of clean, pre-packaged and nicely […] more »