Tag: scraper

by Shelly Tan

This post originally appeared on Northwestern University Knight Lab’s blog. This past fall, I spent time with the NPR News Apps team (now known as NPR Visuals) coding up some projects, working mainly as a visual/interaction designer. But in the last few months, I’ve been working on a project that involves scraping newspaper articles and […] more »

by Nicola Hughes

There’s a wonderful magic wand that every member of a digital newsroom wants to get their hands on. Take control and you can work wonders, untangle the world wide web of information, and even decrease your workload to fit in that extra cup of coffee. “What is this wand?” you ask, and “How can I […] more »

by Nicola Hughes

Newsrooms don’t fear too much news. They fear not enough news. With news on demand 24/7, the stream of information that journalists work with is becoming the commodity upon which they rely — which is why “evergreen“ stories are becoming a staple for the modern newsroom. What they need now are evergreen news sources. So […] more »