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by Amanda Hickman

When President Obama released his birth certificate and dozens of news organizations turned to DocumentCloud to present it to their readers, I snarked a bit. Though the birth certificate did prompt a few questions — which we’re still navigating — about the best way to handle duplicate uploads, the secret truth was we were both […] more »

by Jeffrey Warren

I’m getting ready for day five of a two-week workshop for high schoolers at Beaver Country Day School in a suburb of Boston. The subject is my project, Grassroots Mapping, which helps teach people — often young people — around the world how to be activist cartographers and how to make their own maps. There’s […] more »

by Ian V. Rowe

Back in February, on Super Tuesday, MTV News/Knight Foundation Street Teamer Dani Carlson did a Flixwagon mobile phone interview with Alaska Governor — and now presumptive Republican vice-presidential candidate — Sarah Palin, who had some interesting things to say about energy policy and the “party machinery.” In this interview, Palin calls controversial Republican presidential hopeful […] more »