Tag: sales

by Corinne Jurney

Qualified prospects, CRM and invoices — all are words I’ve been surprised to find myself uttering this semester as I delve into the world of sales for the first time, with the launch of Capitol Hound. Capitol Hound is a service that will offer searchable transcripts and alerts for the North Carolina General Assembly. Both […] more »

by David Cohn

Spot.Us recently launched a new design, so this is an opportune time to write a “State of the Spot” post — something we haven’t done since the website was six months old. I hope to lay out how far we’ve come and what’s on our plate and make a call to arms to the Spot.Us […] more »

by G. Patton Hughes

It is the sales stupid! No it is not … it is the network (Check the companion entry It is the network stupid) that determines if you attract a viable audience that generates monetize-able journalism … I.e. journalism that attracts a salable audience. My belief has always been that sales will come when you have […] more »