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by Jake Batsell

The byproducts of journalism rarely have value to anyone besides the reporters who gather and assemble the information. (Exhibit A: The troves of spiral notebooks, manila folders and microcassettes left over from my newspaper days, still gathering dust in my garage.) But more news organizations are discovering that cleaned-up, searchable databases have extra value beyond […] more »

by Jake Batsell

Editor’s note: This is the next installment of “Brass Tacks,” an occasional series on NewsBiz focusing on pragmatic advice for selected best practices in the business of digital news. Membership drives for non-profit media have evolved far beyond volunteers taking pledges over rotary phones. Today’s leading non-profit news outlets operate as mission-driven businesses fueled by […] more »

by Emily Harris

Click here to read the entire series In early 2012, just about a year ago, the Journalism Accelerator invited a half-dozen people with a range of unique roles in the news production mix, to identify the most crucial challenges facing publishers at that moment in time. No enormous surprise: Money was the top concern. More […] more »

by Ryan Thornburg

As Americans turn more to online news sources, a panel at this week’s SXSW Interactive conference will look at the Americans who aren’t going online for news. They are, among other things, often rural and poor. And that’s exactly the audience at which the OpenRural project is aiming. The panel was organized by Fiona Morgan, […] more »

by Rich Gordon

Over the past few years, foundations and philanthropists concerned about newspapers’ declining fortunes have put up millions of dollars to launch non-profit online publications covering national affairs (ProPublica), statewide topics (Texas Tribune, Wisconsin Watch, MinnPost, California Watch) and metropolitan areas (the Bay Citizen, the Chicago News Cooperative, St. Louis Beacon). These new "watchdog" organizations have […] more »

by Gail Robinson

A rare bit of good financial news for journalism points once again to the difficulty of financing online media. PaidContent reported this week that Politico raked in more than $20 million last year, finishing with operating profits of about $1 million. That’s the good news. But as Molly Fischer wrote in the New York Observer, […] more »

by G. Patton Hughes

It is the sales stupid! No it is not … it is the network (Check the companion entry It is the network stupid) that determines if you attract a viable audience that generates monetize-able journalism … I.e. journalism that attracts a salable audience. My belief has always been that sales will come when you have […] more »