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by Josh Stearns

This piece was co-written by Molly de Aguiar.  If you are a resident of Morristown, New Jersey you get 23 times more news coverage per capita than the state’s largest city, Newark, NJ. Residents in Morristown have access to 2.5 times more coverage per capita than New Brunswick. New research, from Rutgers University, being released […] more »

by John Clark

I don’t care. It’s a harsh statement that always takes people by surprise when they first hear me say it. It’s one of the first external complaints teams must address, and it lands without warning. Let me be clear, I do care about my teams and their projects. I care deeply about each individual, their […] more »

by Corinne Jurney

As if iron-clad doors and barred windows aren’t barrier enough, prison facilities are also wrapped in a thick layer of red tape. I realized this fact as I began the process to gain research access to one of our state’s most vulnerable populations: inmates. I was ecstatic to be assigned to work this semester in […] more »

by J. Nathan Matias

Can high-resolution data and innovative technology help us create better representation of women in the news? I believe so. Over the next year, my thesis project is to design a series of articles, artistic pieces, and technologies for gender equity. I’m going beyond mudslinging and hand wringing to apply technology in constructive ways that can […] more »

by Heather Leson

Ushahidi and our community is known for broaching new ground. To accompany this, we are also keen to encourage more research. With that in mind, we’re excited to share two important reports from the Knight Foundation and Crowdglobe Funded by Internews. For the past few months, I have been summarizing Ushahidi community successes and best […] more »

by Bobby Schweizer

In our research on newsgames, we proselytize the power of videogames to model events in the world small and big, simple and complex. But there is, of course, a discrepancy between the values we espouse and newsgames that get made. Making games is difficult. As researchers, we critique them to encourage certain practices and discourage […] more »

by Juliana Rotich

This post was written by Melissa Tuly and Jennifer Chan. This is the second in a series of blog posts documenting a 9-month Ushahidi evaluation project in partnership with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative supported by the Knight Foundation. The Ushahidi-Kenya evaluation is off to a strong start. Since returning from Nairobi in January, 2011 we […] more »

by Amanda Hickman

I recently attended the Investigative Reporters and Editors 2010 conference and ended up talking with Astrid Gynnild, a post doctoral research associate in the Department of Information Science and Media Studies at the University of Bergen in Norway. She’s researching collaborations in investigative journalism. I showed her some of my favorites: The Los Angeles Times, […] more »

by David Sasaki

How to piss off the subjects of your research study Everyone who had the opportunity to do so pointed out that we were just a few blocks from one of Beirut’s Hezbollah-controlled neighborhoods. But we were also just a couple blocks from a Starbucks, snuggled comfortably in a new shopping center with more security guards […] more »