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by Trevor Knoblich

The aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings demonstrated yet another significant marker for citizen journalism. Felix Salmon, in an excellent post on the Reuters blog, wrote that the manhunt for a suspect in the bombings “in many ways represented the first fully interactive news story.” The crisis again demonstrated the value — and risks — […] more »

by Lucy Chambers

Continuing in their mission to make spending data more accessible and comprehensible, the Spending Stories team and data.gov.uk have just released a reporting tool that will help journalists and analysts pick the freshest and best departmental spending data to work with when exploring the U.K. central government expenditure. Why spending data gets neglected Spending data […] more »

by David Gurman

Sundev Lohr contributed research and writing to this post. How can you share war stories online, in real time, without compromising operational security? Can a reporting system be designed to ensure that, while in the field, your story can be communicated without giving the enemy information they could use to harm you? Can you censor […] more »

by Amanda Hickman

When he’s not toasting escapism, our tireless editor Mark Glaser has been asking why reporting costs so much. I can’t tell you much about investigative reporting (a $400,000 product of which started the conversation), except to say that six figure salaries do add up. But I can tell you that when it comes to local […] more »

by Paul Lamb

Jon Steward did a funny bit last night, referencing how the major news networks were forced to rely on the “hearsay” of Twitter and Facebook postings to understand the events unfolding in Iran. But with the State Department requesting that the good folks at Twitter delay their scheduled site maintenance to keep Tweets flowinng from […] more »

by Ryan Sholin

When I last wrote here to report on ReportingOn progress, I talked about the work I was doing with my development and design team to define the terms of the RO pitch. A dozen or so whiteboards later, the Lion Burger team is actively putting together mockups and the beginnings of the database for what […] more »

by Ryan Sholin

Bit of a busy couple weeks for those watching the newspaper business. The presses stopped at the Rocky and the P-I, Clay Shirky and Steven B. Johnson took turns penning big think pieces about the Future of News(papers), and — good news — the San Diego Union-Tribune looks like it will sell to a private […] more »

by Gail Robinson

Much of the discussion about online games focuses on the technical issues, and that’s not surprising since the technical aspects make a game a game or a simulation and not a conventional story. But as Gotham Gazette continues its efforts to create interactive features to involve and educate New Yorkers on key policy issues, we […] more »

by Paul Lamb

Thanks to massive adoption of blogging and other do-it-yourself Web 2.0 tools like Twitter we have seen an explosion in citizen journalism in recent years. That goes without saying on a blog like this. But there is a related trend emerging which is perhaps not so apparent. Lets (rather clumsily) call it Citizen Journateerism. Citizen […] more »

by Ryan Sholin

I read Chris O’Brien’s IdeaLab post about the latest Twitterquake and the 10 (so far) comments with a great deal of interest. After all, ReportingOn borrows a great deal from Twitter, and I’ve been writing about the exponentially growing micro-blogging service for around a year now. I can’t help but notice that a commenter or […] more »