Tag: public relations

by Martin Moore

Editors’ Note: Martin Moore is the director of the Media Standards Trust, which recently launched Churnalism.com — a website that helps the public distinguish journalism from “churnalism,” a news article that is published as journalism, but is essentially a press release without much added. Two weeks in, and the public response to Churnalism.com has been […] more »

by Ryan Sholin

Those of you who have been keeping score surely noticed that I’ve saddled the iteration of ReportingOn that launched late on July 1 with a “2.0” label when I talk about it. Many of you might remember what the backchannel for beat reporters looked like before the clock struck “late” on July 1: Home_logged_in_400 That’s […] more »

by Kimberly Sultze

The Innovation Incubators project is moving into the industry testing phase. Teams of students from seven institutions, Ithaca College, Michigan State, University of Nevada—Las Vegas, St. Michael’s College, Western Kentucky, University of Kansas, and Kansas State, worked together to develop three new ideas for community journalism which will be tested in the months ahead. It’s […] more »