Tag: public media

by Scott Finn

Being “digital first” is no longer a new idea. In fact, I risk appearing to be very “2005” by even bringing it up. But if everyone agrees that public media organizations must be digital first, why is it that we so rarely, truly are? When I started at West Virginia Public Broadcasting two years ago, […] more »

by Anne Wootton

This post was co-written by Bailey Smith, co-creator of Pop Up Archive. When we talk about the changing face of media on the web, archiving isn’t generally the first subject to come up. As we were beginning Pop Up Archive, we grappled with the fact that it’s hard to show the vibrant, innovative side of […] more »

by Kara Oehler

Last week, I sat in a conference room in Dorchester, Mass., with some of the great minds of public media to recommend which 10 producers and public media stations should be supported for year-long projects to transform the industry. Localore is a new $2 million national competition produced by the Boston-based Association of Independents in […] more »

by David Cohn

The Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy made 15 recommendations on how America can have a bright info-future. One of those recommendations was for increased support for public media predicated on public media efforts to “step up,” for lack of a better term. Public media has been on the minds […] more »

by Joel Sucherman

Jason and the Argonauts were the mythological Greek heroes who set off on a quest for the Golden Fleece. Like its namesake, NPR’s Project Argo is off on another noble quest — to strengthen local journalism, particularly on digital platforms. Project Argo is a partnership between NPR and member stations, funded by the Knight Foundation […] more »

by David Cohn

This post was written by Jonathan Peters. The data comes from the Free Press sponsorship on Spot.Us, part of our experiment with the Reynolds Journalism Institute in Community-Focused sponsorship. Profits are killing journalism. Publishers and editors care more about the bottom line than the quality of their reporting. Newsrooms are shrinking, as a result, and […] more »

by Jake Shapiro

Story Exchange (formerly Story Market) is a way for local public radio stations, producers, and listeners to pitch, find and fund documentaries and stories on important local issues. We’re also one of this year’s winners of a Knight News Challenge grant. Here’s how we envision it working: Let’s say that in Kentucky the issue of […] more »

by Tony Shawcross

For most of us, it’s clear that there are a few social costs that we can’t rely on the market to cover. Most of us, for example, want to ensure that a child born into poverty has access to a good education, even though that child and his/her family could not afford to pay for […] more »

by Tony Shawcross

With two months remaining in the first half of our Knight-funded Open Media Project, we’ve got a busy few weeks ahead. Last month, we brought many of Drupal’s top video and media developers together with the staff from the 7 OMP Beta-Test sites for the Open Media Camp in Denver. Next week, we’re presenting the […] more »

by Henry Jenkins

Amidst all of the dire talk these days about the fate of the American newspaper, the Center for Social Media at American University has issued an important white paper exploring the future of public media more generally. When most of us think about “public media” these days, we are most likely to be talking about […] more »