Tag: prototype

by Meg Dalton

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation recently announced funding for 20 new projects through its Knight Prototype Fund, which helps media makers, technologists, and tinkerers alike take ideas from concept to demo. Innovators are given $35,000 grants–and six months–to research, test, and iterate before building out a complete project. Launched in 2012, the […] more »

by John Clark

As our student startup teams embark on building a first prototype of a product idea, a common issue emerges: prioritizing what should go into the prototype. Something must go. Actually, almost everything should go. So in the Lab, we ask students to answer this question: What’s the one thing you need to know right now? […] more »

by Cheney Gardner

Prototype. Even the word sounds foreign and kind of high tech, evoking images of NASA scientists tinkering away at miniature Mars Rovers and Silicon Valley whiz kids pouring over their newest social media toys. So as prototype production week approached at the Reese News Lab, so did a looming sense of dread. How would we […] more »

by Fabio Berzaghi

Finally after a lot of project and design changes we are approaching the starting line of testing. Right now one prototype is ready to go. We just have to set up the server and upload the content. We decided that on-site testing was the best choice for our purposes. Since we are dealing with online […] more »