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by Anne Wootton

This post was co-written by Bailey Smith, co-creator of Pop Up Archive. When we talk about the changing face of media on the web, archiving isn’t generally the first subject to come up. As we were beginning Pop Up Archive, we grappled with the fact that it’s hard to show the vibrant, innovative side of […] more »

by Nadav Aharony

What three things do you always take with you when you leave your home? Most people would say their keys, their wallet, and their mobile phone. But what if your phone wasn’t just a phone? It already isn’t. At Behavio, we want to help small developers, researchers, data gatherers, and end-users lower the barrier of […] more »

by Karen Reilly

“On condition of anonymity” is one of the most important phrases in journalism. At Tor, we are working on making that more than a promise. The good news: The Internet has made it possible for journalists to talk to sources, gather video and photos from citizens, and to publish despite efforts to censor the news. […] more »

by Caitria O’Neill

You don’t speak FEMA? That’s OK — you can still help your community bounce back from a disaster. Last June, a tornado tore the roof off my life — but to my surprise, recovery did not end with a blue tarp patching the holes. Shortly after the EF3 passed through Monson, Mass., I was pulled […] more »

by Adriano Farano

It’s 7 a.m. You want to catch up with the news on your iPad, but you don’t want to jump from one app to another — tap here, tap there. You just want to discover the best and latest news videos in a snap. Meet Watchup. Available in Apple’s App Store, Watchup lets you create […] more »

by Erik Hersman

There’s a problem that constantly plagues us in this day of information overload, and that is the ability to sift the stream of incoming information into the bits that are valuable from those that aren’t. It’s a tough issue that we’ve been working on at Ushahidi for a while now. Our solution is called SwiftRiver. […] more »

by Ryan Thornburg

A visit to one of America’s small, rural communities that are called home by more than 60 million of us is sometimes like a step back in time. Cars downtown still park parallel to the curb, and not too far beyond downtown are fields and maybe even a factory or two still. Go to a […] more »

by Martin Keegan

Data journalism is hard. In particular, when it comes to data about spending, stories hide behind the numbers, veiled with jargon. Holes in the data conceal entire chapters in the great narrative about where the money flows and goes. For many journalists, investing time grappling with tools to analyze spending data is unfruitful or unsexy. […] more »

by Nicola Hughes

The best journalism comes from digging. Not phoning up press officers but speaking with those in the know. Not seeking comments from experts but going out onto the streets. The real stories, the scoops and the breakthroughs don’t come prepackaged. So why limit data-driven journalism to the relatively few sources of clean, pre-packaged and nicely […] more »

by Jonathan Stray

Over the last year, my colleagues and I at The Associated Press have been exploring visualizations of very large collections of documents. We’re trying to solve a pressing problem: We have far more text than hours to read it. Sometimes a single Freedom of Information request will produce a thousand pages, to say nothing of […] more »