Tag: programming

by Shelly Tan

This post originally appeared on Northwestern University Knight Lab’s blog. Learning a new programming language is both the most exciting and the most humbling experience. For me, that language has recently been Python, which I’ve been learning over these last few months. And as every coder knows, the best way to learn a language is […] more »

by Cindy Royal

I am working to improve digital awareness and skills among journalists, journalism students and faculty by developing an open-source website with training modules that will help them learn to code. As data visualization becomes a legitimate and important means of storytelling, the demand for people with programming and data skills will increase. Journalists who understand […] more »

by Kristofs Blaus

After years of intensive work in the IT industry, I’ve put together a practical guide to project development that my company uses for 99 percent of our projects. So far we’ve done amazingly well with this approach. Once you know it, it feels so simple and natural that you don’t even know you know it. […] more »

by Adam Klawonn

At CityCircles, we’ve been fortunate to work with a local developer who is passionate about our project’s goal of developing hyper-local communication tools for mass audiences. Our first implementation of that is a platform for light rail passengers in Phoenix, Arizona. That said, one person can’t carry the entire load, especially as the project inevitably […] more »

by Rich Gordon

The first Computation + Journalism Symposium, held Friday and Saturday at Georgia Tech, is over. It’s been widely covered in the blogosphere — you’ll find some of the most thoughtful reflections here and here and here and here. As I said before the panel I moderated (on "Advances in Newsgathering"), the event was truly remarkable. […] more »

by Rich Gordon

One of the most common questions I’ve gotten about our journalist/programmer scholarships comes from news organizations: "When can we hire them?" And recent developments suggest that the need for people with both journalism and programming skills is only going to increase. For Northwestern’s Readership Institute blog, I wrote last week about the growing number of […] more »