Tag: Peru

by Rodrigo Davies

There’s a tradition in Peru called the pollada – literally, a chicken party. These parties perform a very important social function. Say I’m about to have a child and I’m worried about how I’m going to pay education or health care bills. I hold a pollada to raise money by inviting friends and family around […] more »

by Jeffrey Warren

I’m getting ready for day five of a two-week workshop for high schoolers at Beaver Country Day School in a suburb of Boston. The subject is my project, Grassroots Mapping, which helps teach people — often young people — around the world how to be activist cartographers and how to make their own maps. There’s […] more »

by Ryan Sholin

One week after launching ReportingOn in a public beta that’s helping me prioritize features and fix bugs in my programming, there is one big surprise: The large international turnout. The Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking media blogosphere appears to be truly excited about the idea of Twitter para periodistas, even as I try to differentiate from Twitter […] more »