Tag: pay wall

by Jake Batsell

The advertising-driven model of digital journalism depends on maximizing page views, as The Onion bluntly reminded us when it  mocked CNN.com for leading its homepage with Miley Cyrus. But when a news organization introduces online subscriptions, it reconfigures the benchmarks for success. Last spring, The Telegraph in London became the United Kingdom’s first general-interest newspaper […] more »

by David Cohn

This came across my social media feed Thursday morning: “Google Unveils New Revenue Option for Web Publishers.” In short: It’s a simple technology where readers who come across a pay wall can opt into taking a survey instead of having to reach for their wallet. The survey then creates some funds for the publisher and […] more »

by Matt Stempeck

Like most things in Boston, the Globe has a rich history with many innovations throughout the years. Moriarty talked about Charles H. Taylor’s prototypical content innovations in 1873, when the Globe added sports coverage, stocks, and many other sections that we now consider essential to a modern, family newspaper (and sections we may not expect […] more »

by David Cohn

From the launch of Spot.Us, I’ve always said the following: Anyone can tackle the crowdfunded journalism model. In fact, NPR could do it tomorrow and blow me out of the water. It’s just about being transparent and giving up control over how donation money gets spent. This model would have more success at the national […] more »

by Joe Boydston

Search engines, RSS feeds and content aggregators make a reader’s life easier by providing new ways to scan for articles and to discover news. One result of this is that readers may no longer feel the need to regularly visit their local paper’s website in order to stay informed about the goings-on around town. Following […] more »

by Scott Rosenberg

It may be impolitic to admit this, but I’m weary of the Great News Business Model Hunt. For those journalists who have just woken up to the changes in their industry, I know that this issue couldn’t be more fascinating and pertinent. But if you worked in the news business on the web from the […] more »