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by Meg Dalton

[View the story “Public Radio Gets Social with First-Ever Podcast Upfront” on Storify] Meg Dalton (@megdalts) is the associate editor of PBS MediaShift and Idea Lab. Disclosure: The upfront was organized by National Public Media along with WBEZ and WNYC. NPM offers sponsorship opportunities with NPR and PBS across on air, online, and mobile platforms. more »

by Rodrigo Davies

At the Academy of Management’s Annual Meeting in Philadelphia this week some colleagues and I gave a panel titled Towards Government 2.0: Open Data and Innovation through Cross-Sector Collaboration. We talked about open data, building better and more open government services, and how to foster civic collaboration across sectors. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be […] more »

by Trevor Knoblich

In my previous post, I argued that established, traditional newsrooms tend to be most comfortable accepting citizen reporting or user-generated content during a large-scale, widespread emergency event. In these circumstances, newsrooms often accept photo and video submissions from the public, or even seek them out on Instagram, Vine or Twitter. Professional journalists or editors may […] more »

by Amy O'Donnell

Radio’s history has spanned over 100 years and it continues to reach billions — even in remote and underserved regions. So when UNESCO announced that the inaugural World Radio Day was to be celebrated on February 13, one question on many people’s lips was: Why now? Pamoja FM of Kenya relies on SMS news tips […] more »

by David Cohn

Spot.Us launched in November of 2008, making this our three-year anniversary. Counting the months of planning (and applying for the Knight News Challenge) that went into the launch, I’ve been working on Spot.Us, a journalism crowdfunding project, for almost four years. In that time, we’ve pushed boundaries, and have had many successes and shortcomings which […] more »

by Ellen Hume

Here at MIT, summer means time to dig into our research. A group of us at the Center for Future Civic Media is working on a white paper defining “civic media.” We are interested in how civic media is empowering new user-creators, with related effects on governing elites. Inspiring people to take action, through access […] more »

by JD Lasica

Following is part 3 of my 3-part series on open APIs and crowdsourcing community news. Part 1, Part 2. At the NetSquared conference for nonprofits in San Jose on May 27-28, one of the most intriguing projects I heard about was Social Actions, a project to tie together disparate cause movements through an open API […] more »

by Dan Schultz

Before I went home this summer I had the opportunity to talk with Steve Twedt, a reporter at The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette who teaches one of the few journalism classes at Carnegie Mellon. I told him about the Idealab and the user driven system I’ve been writing about here. The first big question he asked deserves […] more »

by Steven Clift

Over the years my work has brought me to Rome a few times. The Roman Forum as well as the Athenian Agora have always intrigued me as a model for envisioning online public spaces. Surrounding a public space you have major public and religious institutions, a commercial market in one corner, a place for public […] more »

by Jay Rosen

By now you may have heard about the implosion of Wide Open, a political blog started by the Cleveland Plain-Dealer featuring four voices from the ranks of local bloggers: two left, two right. They were paid as freelance contributors. Here’s the way the “reader representative,” Ted Diadiun, described the meltdown. It began when Rep. Steve […] more »