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by Desiree Everts

Sixteen winners of the Knight Prototype Fund are set to receive $35,000 to help bring their ideas even closer to fruition. The Knight Foundation on Wednesday announced the most recent winners of its fund, which looks to support early-stage media ideas in an effort to push them closer to a formal launch. Several of the […] more »

by Bonnie Bogle

Hundreds of users, contributors, and mappers are converging next month in San Francisco to discuss [OpenStreetMap](http://www.openstreetmap.org/), the free and editable map of the world often called the “Wikipedia of maps.” More than 1 million people have signed up to contribute to OpenStreetMap, making it the world’s largest open-source map. Here at [MapBox](http://mapbox.com/) we’re interested in […] more »

by Tom MacWright

2012 was the year in which a wide audience began to understand the process behind making maps — and that it’s a massive, global effort in the pursuit of better and more complete map data. [OpenStreetMap](http://www.openstreetmap.org/), a collaborative, open data process for making maps, has continued its fast growth last year [hitting its million contributors […] more »

by Philip Neustrom

Many months ago, we were approached about helping start up a LocalWiki project in Antarctica. In. Antarctica. Antarctica! The project, named “Open Antarctica,” would aim to initially document a region of roughly 2 miles surrounding the Palmer Station United States base on the Antarctic Peninsula. Our first question was: wait, there’s Internet in Antarctica? And […] more »

by Desiree Everts

The Knight Foundation today announced the winners of the second round of its News Challenge, a contest aimed at funding innovators in the media industry. In this round, which focused on data, Knight awarded six grants totaling $2.22 million. Knight announced earlier in the year that it was changing the rules of the News Challenge […] more »

by Alex Barth

[OpenStreetMap](http://www.openstreetmap.org/), the free and editable map of the world, kicked off its [international conference](http://www.stateofthemap.org/) today in Tokyo, with the entire first day dedicated to improving disaster response and crisis mapping. With the March 2011 [Tōhoku tsunami](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_T%C5%8Dhoku_earthquake_and_tsunami) still fresh on people’s minds and events like the recent [Talas Typhoon](http://www.newsonjapan.com/html/newsdesk/article/91740.php) reminding us that disasters are a constant […] more »

by Bonnie Bogle

Hundreds of delegates from government, civil society, and business gathered in Brasilia recently for the first [Open Government Partnership meetings](http://www.opengovpartnership.org/Brasilia2012) since the inception of this initiative. Transparency, accountability, and open data as fundamental building blocks of a new, open form of government were the main issues debated. With the advent of these meetings, we took […] more »

by Bonnie Bogle

We recently released [MapBox Streets](http://mapbox.com/tour/#maps), a zoomable web map of the world that’s powered entirely by open data through the [OpenStreetMap](http://www.openstreetmap.org/) project. Our main focus with MapBox Streets was to provide a beautiful street map alternative to the ones normally seen online, primarily Google Maps, and to make it incredibly easy for people to start […] more »

by AJ Ashton

Mapping can be as much about choosing what data not to include as to include, so you can best focus your audience on the story you are telling. Oftentimes with data visualization projects, the story isn’t about the streets or businesses or parks, but rather about the data you’re trying to layer on the map. […] more »

by Eric Gundersen

This week I’m at [Innovation Lab Pakistan](http://pk.innolab.info/), helping train journalists and media activists from Pakistan and Afghanistan on how to better leverage technology in their stories and media advocacy. We’ve blogged before about how maps can quickly tell the story behind complex issues like the [famine in the Horn of Africa](http://mediashift.org/idealab/2011/08/using-maps-to-make-sense-of-the-unimaginable-in-the-horn-of-africa238.html) and [violence against journalists […] more »