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by Concha Catalan

It was bound to happen in an organization such as the Open Knowledge Foundation. People who have never met face to face have been working to adapt the successful project spendingstories.org to Spanish. The API collects and compares episodes of public expenditure which are often surprising for the general public. Members of okfn.es, openkratio.org, and […] more »

by mbauer

OpenSpending is a database, analysis, and visualization tool for budget- and expenditure-related data. It acts as a data warehouse, giving you access to budgetary data from around the world. One of OpenSpending’s most commonly used features is its ability to easily visualize budgets in two different formats. In this tutorial, we will use data from […] more »

by J. Félix Ontañón Carmona

OpenSpending has a built-in set of visualizations — bubble charts, treemaps, and tables — which are useful for exploring how data is structured in levels. None of them, however, are really suitable for representing spending flows. Fortunately, users of the D3.js data visualization library have given us many examples of visualizations suitable for that purpose. […] more »

by Vitor Baptista

This post was co-written by Neil Ashton, writer for the Open Knowledge Foundation’s School of Data blog. How can Brazilians participate in the allocation of public spending to ensure that it is used to construct a free, fair and sustainable society? With this question, Open Knowledge Foundation Brasil and the Brazilian NGO INESC (Institute of […] more »

by Lisa Evans

History is littered with awards and accolades for those tenacious journalists who have dutifully discovered money that was spent on something it shouldn’t have been. Evidence of spending is often the ultimate proof of wrongdoing. These stories have ranged from presidential campaigns spending money on surveillance to Members of Parliament dipping into the public purse […] more »

by Lisa Evans

At OpenSpending we really want to make it easy and fun for journalists to write great stories with data. But what can we do to help? There are already tons of ways for journalists to find newsworthy data. For example, in the U.K. there are daily email alerts for government data releases and even calendars […] more »

by Lucy Chambers

Continuing in their mission to make spending data more accessible and comprehensible, the Spending Stories team and data.gov.uk have just released a reporting tool that will help journalists and analysts pick the freshest and best departmental spending data to work with when exploring the U.K. central government expenditure. Why spending data gets neglected Spending data […] more »

by Lucy Chambers

This piece was co-written with Eric King, human rights and technology adviser at [Privacy International](https://www.privacyinternational.org/), and comes as Privacy International launches a new data release about companies selling surveillance technologies. Today, the global surveillance industry is estimated at around $5 billion a year. But which companies are selling? Which governments are buying? And why should […] more »

by Martin Keegan

The people have a right to know, but sometimes they’re a bit too busy to find out for themselves. Informed citizens have both the need and the desire to know about public affairs, whether public or of a more private nature. For as long as there has been democracy, there’s also been a free press, […] more »

by Lucy Chambers

This article was co-written by Martin Keegan, project lead for Spending Stories. How public funds should be spent is often controversial. Information about how that money has already been spent should not be ambiguous at all. People arguing about the future will care about the present, and if data about past or present public spending […] more »