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by Rory Byrne

“Digital” security for journalists is intrinsically linked with information security, but the two are not necessarily the same. It’s important to understand information security to maximize digital security. Information security relates to all aspects of how you collect, manage, control, use and dispose of your data. It applies on paper as well as in digital […] more »

by Michael Clarke

On my first trip to Iraq in 2005, I remember being very aware of my security situation. At the time, I had not been to hostile environment training, and when I arrived, the hulking South African ex-special forces Personal Protection Officer who was lucky enough to have been assigned to babysitting me for the next […] more »

by Ela Stapley

Being a journalist in Mexico is dangerous. Reporters working in states most affected by drug-related violence have seen their beat change drastically since 2006, when former Mexican President Felipe Calderón launched an offensive against organized crime. For many journalists, local news now involves reporting on turf wars, missing people and mass graves. The type of […] more »

by Susan McGregor

Journalists are perhaps second only to human-rights activists in the need for digital security practices in their work. Yet while journalists operating in repressive regimes have for decades known all too intimately the perils of loose communication practices, many of these understandings have only recently started to become clear for journalists in the U.S. For […] more »

by Barrett Pitner

As a journalist, our objective is to understand our beats, and to be able to clearly, quickly and accurately report on the goings-on in them. When the basic means of communication are understood, this job becomes much easier, and when they are not, the job can become next to impossible, and potentially dangerous. This is […] more »

by Sandra Ordonez

As journalists, the need to improve our digital hygiene is self-evident. However, many of us are new to digital security, which can be overwhelming and filled with complicated security concepts and unknown acronyms. This article is a basic introduction to some concepts security-conscious journalists might want to consider when assessing their security practices.  I’ll update […] more »

by Sandra Ordonez

A few years back, the first digital tsunami hit the journalism world, and I became fascinated with how digital was transforming the field. After conducting more than 350 interviews with diverse journalism experts, it was apparent that journalists saw the new opportunities that the digital world offered, but felt that they and journalism departments lacked the […] more »