Tag: non profits

by Luke Kingma

Had Brandon Stanton known how quickly Humans of New York would grow when he launched it as a personal blog in 2010, he might have simply called it Humans. The photographer’s Facebook community is now twice the size of the city he first set out to census. His reach is far greater — HONY regularly receives high […] more »

by Rodrigo Davies

Recently I came across a fundraising campaign by a consortium of non-profits in the US earlier this year to raise money over a short period of time. Participating organizations were ranked in a public ranking, and competed for prizes based on the amount they raised and the number of donors they attracted. A running total […] more »

by Josh Stearns

This post originally appeared on the Local News Lab. Journalism has long brought us together through shared rituals — reading the morning paper, watching the evening news — but as people find the news on more platforms, on their own schedules, those rituals have diminished in importance. What hasn’t changed, however, is the potential role […] more »

by Jake Batsell

Editor’s note: This is the next installment of “Brass Tacks,” an occasional series on NewsBiz focusing on pragmatic advice for selected best practices in the business of digital news. Membership drives for non-profit media have evolved far beyond volunteers taking pledges over rotary phones. Today’s leading non-profit news outlets operate as mission-driven businesses fueled by […] more »

by Rodrigo Davies

The rise of civic crowdfunding — the use of crowdfunding to provide services to communities — has led to the emergence of several radical (and not-so-radical) visions of what the process of shaping the world around us could look like in the future. As some of the earliest examples of civic crowdfunding on Kickstarter show, […] more »

by Rich Gordon

Over the past few years, foundations and philanthropists concerned about newspapers’ declining fortunes have put up millions of dollars to launch non-profit online publications covering national affairs (ProPublica), statewide topics (Texas Tribune, Wisconsin Watch, MinnPost, California Watch) and metropolitan areas (the Bay Citizen, the Chicago News Cooperative, St. Louis Beacon). These new "watchdog" organizations have […] more »

by Martin Moore

It is easy to overestimate the similarities between the U.S. and the U.K. As Oscar Wilde wrote back in 1887, ‘‘We have really everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language.” But one of the unfortunate recent similarities has been the parallel crisis in local news, especially at newspapers. In both countries existing […] more »

by Paul Grabowicz

When journalists were asked in a recent survey= to identify the most important aspect of their work, 91% said “make my publication successful by creating appealing content for its audiences.” What a turn-around from the not too distant past when such sentiments would have been denounced in many newsrooms as pandering to the public and […] more »