Tag: newsrooms

by Nathaniel James

Going over my notes from the South by Southwest Interactive Festival, the panel that was definitely the most valuable to my work on the Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership was Hacking the News: Applying Computer Science to Journalism. What we’re doing The Knight-Mozilla Partnership will be embedding 15 techie fellows within news organizations for a year […] more »

by Chris O'Brien

The nature of our project at Duke University, the Next Newsroom Project, is to try to design the “newsroom of the future.” But the other day on our project site, Leonard Witt of Kennesaw State University, started a discussion around the first, most obvious question we confronted: “Does the newsroom of the future really need […] more »

by JD Lasica

I’ve been reading with fascination the email threads in the Rethinking the Mercury News project, which launched a Google Group discussion this month. In news circles, the San Jose Mercury News is considered one of the top-tier mid-size papers in the country. after its sale to MediaNews last year, the paper has been undergoing a […] more »

by Chris O'Brien

In a world increasingly obsessed with the virtual, I’m leading a project focused on the physical. Our aim is to imagine the ideal physical space that will serve the needs of journalism for the next 50 years. There’s no shortage of folks who will immediately say, “In the future, there will be no newsrooms.” Perhaps. […] more »

by Chris O'Brien

I could begin by reciting in mind-numbing detail my experience running The Next Newsroom Project. There have frustrations (many); there have been moments of despair (a few); there has been progress (some); there have been unexpected discoveries (lots). But this blog is just getting started, and there will be plenty of time for those stories. […] more »