Tag: newspaper business models

by Dan Pacheco

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about organizational behavior and innovation, and how the former can hinder the latter. It comes to mind not because I like to dwell on the negative, but rather out of hope that understanding the root cause of problems can help us all avoid the mistakes of the past. This […] more »

by Amanda Hickman

I spent last Friday admiring the views of the Hudson from the 15th floor of the NY Times building, alongside Lisa Williams. Thought it was billed as a “hack day” there wasn’t much actual hacking going on that I could find. There was a steady stream of presenters, most of them funny, all of them […] more »

by Dan Pacheco

In Chicago this week, I had a conversation with fellow News Challenge winner David Cohn (creator of the very cool Spot Us community-funded reporting system) that got me thinking. David is skeptical of relying too much on advertising to fund journalism. He has various reasons for this which he can explain much better than I, […] more »