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by Jake Batsell

Editor’s note: This is the first installment of “Brass Tacks,” an occasional series on NewsBiz focusing on pragmatic advice for selected best practices in the business of digital news. From Dallas to Chattanooga to Washington, D.C., news outlets are hosting live events to connect with their audiences and generate revenue. Perhaps your news organization is […] more »

by Dan Sinker

2012 has been a pretty incredible year for the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project. We received 165 applications for our 2013 Fellowships (we were expecting around 80) and are now actively interviewing semifinalists. By the end of the year, we will have sponsored at least 20 hack days around the world. Our website Source, a destination for […] more »

by Christopher Groskopf

September 6 will be both the [PANDA Project’s](http://pandaproject.net/) one-year anniversary, as well as my last day as a full-time developer. The PANDA project aims to make basic data analysis quick and easy for news organizations, and make data sharing simple. To celebrate the end of primary development, we’ve spent the last few weeks on spit-and-polish […] more »

by David Cohn

At this year’s ONA conference, I’ll be on a panel called “I failed and so can you.” I’ve always been a big fan of failure. I think journalism should hold a “fail camp“ (inspired by Ethan Zuckerman). When I restarted the blog carnival, a site that I’ve organized where bloggers can convene to all write […] more »

by Martin Moore

People in news don’t generally think of innovation as their job. It’s that old CP Snow thing of the two cultures, where innovation sits on the science not the arts side. I had my own experience of this at the American Society of Newspaper Editors conference in Washington a couple of months ago. After one […] more »

by Aaron Presnall

Non-profit status is often cited as an exciting new option for struggling local news outlets. ProPublica, MinnPost, and the Voice of San Diego are inspiring examples of non-profit startups, while the Christian Science Monitor, NPR and other organizations are all long-standing examples. It’s not difficult to see that old and young non-profit platforms alike are […] more »

by Dan Pacheco

Next week I’m leading a discussion at a conference run by the Knight Digital Media center about innovation within newspapers. The topic of the conference is “Transforming News Organizations for the Digital Now.” They’ve asked me to talk about two things: The “ecology of innovation.” What type of environment fosters innovation best? Provide examples of […] more »