Tag: networking

by Desiree Everts

The Knight Foundation has selected 52 applicants that will move onto the next stage of its News Challenge. There’s a theme you’ll see running through the proposals that have made it thus far — namely, networking. That’s because networks are the focus of this year’s first round. (The Knight News Challenge now offers three rounds […] more »

by Ryan Sholin

When I last wrote here to report on ReportingOn progress, I talked about the work I was doing with my development and design team to define the terms of the RO pitch. A dozen or so whiteboards later, the Lion Burger team is actively putting together mockups and the beginnings of the database for what […] more »

by Bev Clark

Brenda Burrell, Freedom Fone’s pivotal person had a fabulous time at the MIT meeting. Those of us back home in Zimbabwe welcomed her return for two things . . . news and inspiration from The Other Side, and Some Things To Eat (availability and choice of foodstuffs is a challenge in Harare right now). Under […] more »