Tag: neighborhood

by Michael Wood-Lewis

Can social-networking sites be used by neighbors to help each other during disasters, as well as with more pedestrian issues the rest of the time? NPR recently covered political scientist Daniel Aldrich’s work looking at how neighbors help each other during disasters. From NPR: Aldrich’s findings show that ambulances and firetrucks and government aid are […] more »

by Michael Wood-Lewis

An awful situation for any parent … my wife suddenly needed to drive four hours to Boston Children’s Hospital to shepherd our son through a medical emergency. He was already in Boston, but Valerie couldn’t get out of the driveway. A freak blizzard had drifted four feet of snow across it. If she didn’t get […] more »

by Michael Wood-Lewis

Mention the Internet, and most people think of the World Wide Web, of reaching out across the globe for news, long-lost friends, or low-price bargains. But in dozens of Vermont towns, residents are using the web to connect with their back-fence neighbors. In an era where national and global information is broadly available online, it […] more »

by Ryan Sholin

When I last wrote here to report on ReportingOn progress, I talked about the work I was doing with my development and design team to define the terms of the RO pitch. A dozen or so whiteboards later, the Lion Burger team is actively putting together mockups and the beginnings of the database for what […] more »

by Steven Clift

The other night it was -10F with a windchill of -40F here in Minneapolis. When things get that cold, we Minnesotans start thinking about ways to get warm. I think this is why we have a reputation for public innovation, we have a lot of indoor time to think up schemes when the rest of […] more »