Tag: narrative science

by Meg Dalton

This was the first time I had stepped foot in a refugee camp. I was in Zaatari, waiting for Sidra, a 12-year-old girl who has spent the last 18 months in Jordan, to lead me around the settlement. We met her family, walked to school, and visited the nearby bakery. We saw men working out […] more »

by Rich Gordon

Why did the Washington Post become the first media company to invest in a Northwestern University program to educate computer programmers in journalism? "It comes down to credibility," said Greg Franczyk, who helped arrange the partnership with Northwestern’s Medill School and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to offer scholarships to computer programmers […] more »

by Rich Gordon

Here’s a recipe for innovation: Start with an interesting problem in journalism, media or publishing. Catch some journalism students. Mix in some computer science students. Mold into interdisciplinary teams. Stick in the oven for 11 weeks and see what happens. For three years now, Northwestern University has offered classes in which journalism and computer science […] more »