Tag: mobile web

by JD Lasica

This is the first post in a series on geolocation startups and services. Jason Wilson, co-founder of Platial, in San Francisco. (Photo by JD Lasica) For years, entrepreneurs, tech observers and journalists have known two things about the geolocation space: It holds an enormous amount of promise, and it’s taking an awfully long time to […] more »

by Jake Shapiro

2011 is already seeing Android and Apple battle it out for ascendancy in sales of smartphones and tablets and, more interestingly, in the world of apps and app makers. Media organizations navigating this terrain have a lot of factors to weigh before taking the plunge and creating a serious presence on these increasingly important platforms. […] more »

by Amanda Atwood

Freedom Fone’s Technical Director, Brenda Burrell, is currently at the W3C workshop in Maputo: Africa Perspective on the Role of Mobile Technologies in Fostering Social Development. The workshop has organised by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), particularly the Mobile Web Initiative, and its Mobile Web for Social Development Interest Group. As the organisers put […] more »

by Amy Gahran

Mobile media isn’t just the future — it’s the present, big time. Recent research from the Pew Internet and American Life project shows that mobile devices (especially cell phones) are already the can’t-do-without-it media tool of choice for many US demographics, especially among Hispanics and Latin Americans. (Read more analysis of this research, and what […] more »

by Paul Lamb

According to a just released report by Jupiter Research, only 16% of U.S. subcribers are browsing the mobile web. According to the report, the low uptake is due primarily to lack of interest (73%) and the high cost (47%). Messaging remains the major non-voice mobile activity, with about about one-third of subscribers surveyed having used […] more »