Tag: mobile phones

by Trevor Knoblich

The field of journalism has faced a number of technology-driven changes in the past decade, including the advent of blogs, the generating and sharing of news via social media, and the tentative move by many governments to provide open data. So many elements of news have evolved that many experts think we’re on the verge […] more »

by Miguel Paz

In Santiago, Chile, more than 60 percent of the poorest citizens don’t have access to the Internet. In the rest of the country, that number increases to 80 percent, and in rural areas, an Internet connection is almost nonexistent. But there are more than 20 million mobile phones in the nation, according to the latest […] more »

by Tina Rolfe

In Zimbabwe, it’s common for people to receive information over their mobile phones rather than using email or the Internet. That’s why Kubatana, a non-profit that aims to improve the accessibility of human rights and civic information in Zimbabwe, teamed up with Freedom Fone to broaden access to information about Operation of Hope. Freedom Fone […] more »

by Juliana Rotich

With the increased adoption of Ushahidi around the world, we are finding that one problem (which we anticipated in the very beginning of the initiative) is that of low bandwidth regions. In the early days of testing the platform in Kenya, we found that the map would take ages to load, and so the development […] more »

by Anne-Ryan Heatwole

In Grahamstown, South Africa, getting and sharing news is a mobile experience. Grocott’s Mail, a local paper, incorporates mobile phones into many aspects of its news service — from disseminating headlines via SMS, to encouraging readers to text in their opinions and making it a part of a Knight News Challenge-winning citizen journalist training program. […] more »