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by Patrick Butler

The vast majority of your audience is now reading your stories and watching your videos on mobile. So why are YOU reading and watching them on a desktop? That was one of the messages from experts to journalists who attended the recent Mobile News Summit hosted by the Poynter Institute at the Columbia University Graduate […] more »

by Emily Hopkins

This piece was initially published on Storybench, a cookbook for digital storytelling. Storybench is a collaboration between Northeastern University’s Media Innovation program, a new graduate degree in digital journalism, and Esquire magazine. Since the latest wunderkind app Periscope, which allows anyone with a smartphone to easily live-stream video to followers, hit smartphones in March, media […] more »

by Alex Yule

These days, there seems to be an app for everything. Voice-enabled pizza ordering? Check. An app that says “Yo?” Check. As of today, Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store are home to over 1.4 million apps, each! If these numbers seem overwhelming, you’re not alone. In 2012, mobile analytics company Adeven (now Adjust) […] more »

by Mariana Marcaletti

The Wall Street Journal’s mobile and emerging technology editor, David Ho, likes to start industry conference talks by asking everybody to pass their cell phone to the person to the right. Then he stays silent until the fidgeting and murmurs reach a crescendo. “It turns out that people would rather forget their keys at home […] more »

by Alexander Zolotarev

If the London Summer Olympics were called the Twitter Olympics, the Sochi 2014 Games were definitely the Instagram Olympics. (Though I personally expected Vine to be more of a boom for these Games.) The flow of digital content was impressive and, according to Mark Adams, IOC communications director, numbered at 90 percent of all the […] more »

by Erica Malouf

During a recent visit to IIP’s OIE, we talked of Agile at ODDI, GitHub, PAOs, and … did I lose you yet? When I moved to DC from the West Coast, I initially found the government agencies in the area to be a massive tangle of alienating acronyms. But in all fairness, it’s no different […] more »

by Erica Malouf

One of my great passions is traveling — I get a kick out of understanding other cultures, and how they use technology. As a graduate student, I am rarely able to travel, but working at the BBG is truly the next best thing. We frequently interact with people from a broad array of cultural backgrounds, […] more »

by Tom Grasty

Real-time news reporting is an exciting proposition. It’s also a process fraught with problems, both for the journalist and the reader. For the journalist, there are myriad platforms that facilitate fast and accurate news gathering. But in order for platforms like Live Stream, UStream, YouTube Live to effectively expedite news field reporting, the backend, or […] more »

by Steve Wyshywaniuk

From adopting wood pulp paper to print penny-sheet newspapers in the 19th century to creating Twitter accounts to report breaking news in the 21st, journalists have long been interested in finding ways to deliver news to their readers faster and cheaper. So it’s no surprise mobile phones are seen as indispensable tools to working journalists. […] more »

by Tom Grasty

The mobile stock photography business is getting a lot of attention lately. In the last few months, Scoopshot, EyeEm and Foap — three leading startups in the space  — have collectively raised close to $9 million in funding. I suspect last week’s deal between Pinterest and Getty Images, in which Pinterest will have access to […] more »