Tag: MIT Future of News and Civic Media

by David Cohn

At last week’s Future Civic Media conference at MIT there was a barcamp session on “collaborations in the newsroom” led by Josh Stearns from Save The News. (See his excellent list of journalism collaborations.) In many ways, this was a continuation of a conversation in San Francisco where Josh took fantastic notes. I hope to […] more »

by Dan Pacheco

Last week at MIT’s annual Future of News and Civic Media conference, I stood on the stage with Knight Foundation CEO Alberto Ibarg├╝en and made an announcement. FeedBrewer Inc., a new company I co-founded with two other Printcasting team members, is donating 6 percent of its corporate stock to a brand new Knight Media Innovation […] more »

by A. Adam Glenn

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. — A catalog of pioneering mobile phone projects for news and information was the centerpiece of an informal discussion on the topic at the Future of News and Civic Media Conference at MIT on June 17. And while successful approaches appear to remain relatively few, with most overseas, the two dozen participants at […] more »

by Mark Glaser

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. — After the announcement of the Knight News Challenge winners came the first “plenary session” at the Future of News and Civic Media Conference. The topic is “Crowdbuilding,” with the following panelists: Chris Csikszentmihalyi is director of the MIT Center for Future Civic Media. Gabriella Coleman is an anthropologist who studies the ethics […] more »

by Mark Glaser

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. — I am at MIT for the announcement of the latest round of News Challenge winners. First up is the president and CEO of the Knight Foundation, Alberto Ibarguen. (Note: The Twitter widget on Idea Lab is now a feed taken from the conference’s hashtag: #fncm.) Alberto Ibarguen, Knight Foundation CEO: We didn’t […] more »

by Andrew Whitacre

This week, all past and present Knight News Challenge winners descend here upon the MIT campus as Knight Foundation and the MIT Center for Future Civic Media co-host the 2010 Future of News and Civic Media conference. There has been an interesting evolution in the conference’s — and the News Challenge’s — focus: the question […] more »

by Alexander Zolotarev

I’m looking into the Delta airplane illuminator at the white snow valley with scattered grayish mountain peaks of Greenland, which just recently became independent of Danmark, and comparing the view with the satellite map right behind me on the horizontal Kindle-size screen. First thought: since last summer Delta tech guys made a great step forward […] more »