Tag: Mexico

by Ela Stapley

Being a journalist in Mexico is dangerous. Reporters working in states most affected by drug-related violence have seen their beat change drastically since 2006, when former Mexican President Felipe Calderón launched an offensive against organized crime. For many journalists, local news now involves reporting on turf wars, missing people and mass graves. The type of […] more »

by Angela Powers

A number of journalism educators and administrators traveled to Mexico City this past spring to assess the state of journalism in our bordering nation. Unfortunately, more journalists there are being killed than in any other country in the world as they report on drug cartels. While some journalists have had illegal drug dealings to supplement […] more »

by Paul Lamb

MobileActive.org posted an interesting interview with “Artivist” Ricardo Dominguez, who is working on a locative media project designed to assist immigrants crossing the border to the U.S. from Mexico. His work-in-progress concept, called the Transborder Immigrant Tool, leverages GPS enabled cell phones to aid in the safe passage of desert border crossers. “The device seeks […] more »

by Benjamin Melançon

Immigration, military contractors, fiscal responsibility, foreign policy, domestic policy, trade policy, business, labor, crime- this story has it all, plus underlying themes about access to information and democracy (optional, if you care to report on those kinds of things). And all with a presidential race coming up! Is your favorite news source keeping up? The […] more »

by Benjamin Melançon

What is the public to do when an important matter such as $1.4 billion of military-police funding for a neighboring country head toward Congressional rubber-stamping with little media coverage? We take what we can get. And that tends to be reporting from people who have no steady income assured for their considerable journalistic efforts. When […] more »