Tag: media tools

by Tony Shawcross

In just over a month, the 6 organizations who will participate in the first round of the Open Media Beta process will be selected, cooperating with Denver Open Media to implement and develop the set of Drupal Modules that will help automate workflows, engage users in more control of the station, increase your online presence, […] more »

by Ellen Hume

Here at MIT, summer means time to dig into our research. A group of us at the Center for Future Civic Media is working on a white paper defining “civic media.” We are interested in how civic media is empowering new user-creators, with related effects on governing elites. Inspiring people to take action, through access […] more »

by Paul Lamb

Once again, another conference that didn’t fully leverage technology tools to help people connect, make new friends, and collaborate instantly and on the fly….I am speaking of this week’s Online News Asscociation Conference in Toronto. Here’s how it might have been different: • Conference attendees provide some basic profile information and tag key interests using […] more »