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by Dan Sinker

I’m still reeling from the amazingness that was the 2013 Knight-Mozilla Fellowship Onramping we held at the MIT Media Lab three weeks ago. Our fellowships are different than many because our fellows spend most of their time apart — they’re embedded in their host news organizations, working alongside reporters and newsroom developers — so we […] more »

by J. Nathan Matias

A version of this post originally appeared on the MIT Center for Civic Media’s blog. How can writers nurture great commenting communities while still engaging with the tough questions? Ta-Nehisi Coates Ta-Nehisi Coates, senior editor and blogger at The Atlantic and author of the memoir “The Beautiful Struggle,” spoke recently at MIT’s Media Lab. Before […] more »

by J. Nathan Matias

During my work on Social Mirror, tablet tech for social checkups, I have been inspired by other amazing Media Lab social technologies. Here are 12 of the projects which I have found most inspiring, including one or two from other universities. Did I miss a project you love? Post your favorites in the comments. Social […] more »

by Dan Schultz

I’m a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab. I guess I’m old now. I started writing this post three months ago and in the blink of an eye an entire semester whizzed past my head. Or perhaps into my head would be more accurate; it’s just that kind of place. I want to share […] more »

by Mark Glaser

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. — I am in the swanky Stata Center at MIT for the conference on “The Future of Civic Media,” put on by the new Center for Future Civic Media. Nearly all the Idea Lab bloggers are here in attendance as the Knight Foundation is using this gathering to help all News Challenge winners […] more »