Tag: local wiki

by Philip Neustrom

The TriangleWiki celebration. LocalWiki is incredibly excited to announce that our second focus community, the TriangleWiki, has just launched. Check it out! They even had TriangleWiki-themed champagne! The TriangleWiki launches with over 1,000 pages — more than three times the amount that the Davis Wiki had at its launch. Interestingly, the TriangleWiki wasn’t spearheaded by […] more »

by Mark Glaser

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. — I am at MIT for the announcement of the latest round of News Challenge winners. First up is the president and CEO of the Knight Foundation, Alberto Ibarguen. (Note: The Twitter widget on Idea Lab is now a feed taken from the conference’s hashtag: #fncm.) Alberto Ibarguen, Knight Foundation CEO: We didn’t […] more »