Tag: local media

by Alexa Schirtzinger

When it comes to buying newspapers, Todd Vogt has doubled down on print media in San Francisco. As the co-owner, president, and publisher of the San Francisco Media Company, he’s responsible for three local newspapers: the daily San Francisco Examiner, and weeklies SFWeekly and the San Francisco Bay Guardian. “I love print. I am a […] more »

by Ryan Sholin

Bit of a busy couple weeks for those watching the newspaper business. The presses stopped at the Rocky and the P-I, Clay Shirky and Steven B. Johnson took turns penning big think pieces about the Future of News(papers), and — good news — the San Diego Union-Tribune looks like it will sell to a private […] more »

by Adrian Holovaty

We’ve launched the first version of our Knight-funded project, EveryBlock. It offers a news feed for every block, neighborhood and ZIP code in Chicago, New York and San Francisco. Our launch announcement gives more information about what we’re trying to do. We’ve still got a long way to go, but it’s good to have this […] more »