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by Martin Moore

This week Orkney Today announced it was closing. The paper, which served the small islands of Orkney just off the Scottish coast, was — like countless other local papers — battling against declining circulation and disappearing ad revenues. “Orkney Media Group management and the newspaper’s excellent staff have tried a number of initiatives to reverse […] more »

by Lisa Williams

Where the journalists aren’t: the Marketplaces/Drilling Down on Local conference, a gathering of industry execs and venture investors. The “how do we make money on local” question that is generally the conversation ender at journalism confabs is the conversation beginner at this gathering, where the first panels are stocked with venture investors talking about what […] more »

by Dan Pacheco

In the 13 years I’ve been involved in online media, I’ve learned firsthand how dangerous it can be to be lead by ideology. Ideals are great, but if you become too invested in them they can blind you to the real needs of the customers you’re trying to serve. And when it comes to innovation […] more »

by Steven Clift

I’ve been thinking a lot about just how “local” most people want to be online. The greatest myth about the Internet is that people only want to go to world online. That they only care about creating social networks with friends or people like themselves with similar interests from thousands of miles away. It is […] more »

by Geoff Dougherty

What with the nonstop drumbeat of presidential campaign news these days, it’s easy to forget that we’ve actually got some other elections coming up. On Feb. 5, primary voters in Chicago will cast ballots for ward committee leaders, the county’s chief prosecutor and a slew of other positions. From my point of view this is […] more »

by Geoff Dougherty

Today we’re unveiling some site features on ChiTownDailyNews.org that represent, in my humble opinion, a huge step forward in the way people and content are connected on the internet. The features are focused on what’s become known as geotargeting, and they’re things that you won’t find on any other website. Basically, we’re making it easy […] more »

by Paul Lamb

A recent article on a service in London and several U.S. cities that allows you to locate nearby public toilets by texting “toilet” on your mobile phone got me to thinking about the practical applications of locative media. Many mobile advertising companies are hard at work creating platforms and services to push customized ads and […] more »

by Dan Schultz

Last week I saw someone wearing a shirt that said “Think Globally. Act Locally. Eat Noodles.” The noodles part still confuses me, but I think the rest of the message does a really good job of summarizing what I want digital media to facilitate. It seems that the key to bringing local into the inherently […] more »

by Paul Lamb

An interesting new site called YourStreet will be launched tomorrow, allowing you to get hyper-local news and comments tied to Google maps. Apparently the site detects where you are located and then provides local news stories, as well as comments from other YourStreet members nearby. According to TechCrunch, “The startup has developed an algorithm that […] more »

by Gail Robinson

One reason Gotham Gazette has long been intrigued by the idea of so-called serious games is that they offer another way to tell a story. And the more methods one uses to tell a story, the more people will read (or hear, or watch, or play) that story. As a site on NYC policy and […] more »