Tag: Linux

by Bonnie Bogle

[TileMill](http://mapbox.com/tilemill), the free and open-source design studio for creating beautiful web maps, is now available for [download on Windows](http://mapbox.com/tilemill/#windows/). With the latest release, the map-making tool is fully operational on the three leading operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux. With Windows still dominating the marketplace, this is a huge development that will open the door […] more »

by Aaditeshwar Seth

Company background: Gram Vaani is a social entrepreneurial startup focused on building innovative models of media delivery for rural areas of India. Media is an important agency to bring social change and responsible politics, but novel technological and business methods are required to successfully and scalably enable services in the challenging rural environments. Our open-source […] more »

by Benjamin Melançon

This is a follow-up to Amanda Hickman’s post on open source free software games. Microsoft made tech news in the past week with reports that schools in Nigeria would use Windows XP rather than the Mandriva Linux on 17,000 computers ordered from Mandriva, a French GNU-Linux vendor. Public statements from Mandriva officials suggested foul play, […] more »