Tag: licensing

by Anne Wootton

Our goal at Pop Up Archive is to make audio searchable and build an archive of sound from journalists, oral historians, and media organizations from around the world. Support for Creative Commons licensing is on our 2014 roadmap. But one thing we’ve learned: The vagaries of rights and licensing for digital audio are too complicated for Creative Commons to […] more »

by Amanda Hickman

By now everyone has heard the news: EveryBlock is now part of MSNBC.com. And anyone familiar with the Knight News Challenge knows about Knight’s open source requirement: projects developed with Knight funding must be released under an open source license — it is one of the terms of funding. EveryBlock released their source code a […] more »

by David Ardia

Neil Netanel, a highly regarded legal scholar, has an interesting post on Balkinization entitled “The Demise of Newspapers: Economics, Copyright, Free Speech.” Netanel, who has written extensively on copyright issues, posits that part of the reason for the decline in newspapers stems from Internet competitors that build on the content and value that newspapers create. […] more »